Personal File Access + Tutorial

This is a web-based program designed to allow Framingham Schools faculty, staff, and students to be able to access the files located in their personal folder (My Documents) as well as shared folders located in Allshare or the FHS "P drive." In essence, you can download files to your computer at home, edit them, and then upload them back into your folders at school. Click the button to login or view the tutorial below!

Accessing the Program

The web address to securely access the Web-based documents program is

When you first access the Web address you will be asked for a username and password (Figure 1). This will be the exact same information you use to log on to the computers on the Framingham Public Schools network.

If you are a STUDENT you must append "student\" to your username. For example, if I were a student logging into the program, I would login as "student\123456", excluding the quotes.

Once you type this information, simply click "OK" and the program will open in your browser window.

Staff Example Login Student Example Login
staff login student login
Figure 1: Logging Into the Program

The Main Window

The main window has three sections you should be concerned with (Figure 2). The top of the window contains the set of buttons you will use to perform various actions within the program. The left hand window shows a listing of all of your personal and shared folders. Clicking a folder in the left window will cause the contents of that folder to be displayed in the main window, which takes up most of the screen.

Figure 2: The HTTP Commander Main Window

Downloading/Uploading Files

The most common use for this program will be downloading files from your personal or shared folders so you can edit them at home. In order to do that we will use the download/upload features.

In order to edit a file (such as a Word document) from home, we must first download that file from the Framingham Public Schools servers. To do this, you must first locate the file in the folders displayed on the screen. You can get into these folders by double-clicking them. Once you have found the file you want to download, either click "get" or click it once, and then click on Download/Upload, and then Download on the menu at the top (Figure 3). Once you have done this, you will be asked to save or open the file. Click save and then choose a location to save the file onto your computer. The document will then be downloaded and you can edit it from home.

Figure 3: Downloading a File from HTTP Commander

Once you have edited the document to your liking you will want to put it back on the Framingham Public server so that it is up to date. In order to do this we must upload the file back to the server. To do this, from the main window, click Download/Upload, and then Upload on the menu near the top. A new window will be brought up (Figure 4). Click the "Browse" button on this window. Browse to the file you wish to upload and click "Open". Once you have done this, click "Upload". You will receive a prompt saying that the file already exists, click "Yes" to overwrite the file with the new one.

Figure 4: Uploading a File to the Web Docs system

Deleting Files

It is VERY important to remember that when you delete a file from the Web Docs system that it will also be deleted from your "My Documents" or shared drive. Any changes reflected in this program happen instantly and cannot be undone. This means you should be VERY careful when interacting with files. This also means that anybody who has your password will be able to access your files from anywhere outside the school system. Protect your password!

Logging Out

When you want to log out of the program, click the logout button on the upper right hand side of the screen. (Figure 5). It is very important for security purposes that you click this button rather than just exiting out of the browser window.

Figure 5: The Logout Button